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SeedPod Cyber partners with Atomic Data to offer Businesses Robust Cyber Insurance

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Partnership rewards Atomic Data customers who demonstrate excellence in cybersecurity standards with an exclusive cyber insurance program with unmatched savings

PHILADELPHIA, PA – September 2023SeedPod Cyber, the intelligent cyber insurance company for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients, announced today their partnership with Atomic Data, a leading MSP with an on-demand, always-on, pay-as-you-go expert extension of the enterprise’s IT team and infrastructure.

This partnership leverages the cybersecurity features Atomic Data offers, making for quick and easy cyber insurance applications and a seamless underwriting process. SeedPod Cyber rewards those clients of Atomic Data that have the required controls in place by offering robust cyber insurance with savings of up to 30 percent.

“We’re excited to be a trusted partner of SeedPod Cyber. This partnership not only provides incredible cyber insurance opportunities for our clients but helps to keep our overall organization secure. We look forward to working together and helping businesses get the cybersecurity and cyber insurance coverage they need,” said Dwayne Sapp, General Manager at Atomic Data

“SeedPod Cyber is thrilled to have Atomic Data as part of our MSP Partner Program. They take their cybersecurity seriously and work with the most cutting-edge security solutions. We’re looking forward to working together and getting everyone insured and protected,” said Doug Kreizberg, Founder and CEO of SeedPod Cyber.

About SeedPod Cyber

SeedPod Cyber is a cyber insurance program that leverages partnerships with MSPs and offers robust cyber insurance to the MSP and their clients to help small and medium sized businesses thrive in today’s digital world. 

About Atomic Data

Atomic Data is an on-demand, always-on, pay-as-you-go expert extension of the enterprise’s IT team and infrastructure, always acting in the client’s and the community’s best interest. Founded in 2001, Atomic Data’s 200 staff serve 600+ clients around the world.