Cyber insurance designed to help you and your clients grow…..


SeedPod works with MSPs to help businesses stay secure and insured so they can save money, make money, and grow to their full potential.

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How SeedPod Works


Qualify to Partner with option to obtain E&O / Cyber Insurance


Identify Clients with SeedPod’s Tech Stack Requirements


Qualified Clients get SeedPod’s preferred pricing and terms on Cyber Insurance


MSPs improve cross-sells and retention and participate in SeedPod co-marketing efforts.

Why Partner with SeedPod?

MSP Advantages


1. Competitive Tech E&O Insurance

Our Partners have the opportunity secure Tech E&O / Cyber Insurance as part of our on-boarding process.  And because our on-boarding involves a more thorough assessment than traditional underwriting, our terms are competitive.

2. Opportunity to uniquely position their security tech stack to upsell existing clients and attract new clients

3. Reduce 3rd Party (Client) Risk

The more your clients are both insured and secure, the less risk they present to you.

4. Gain New Customers & Client Lock-in

SeedPod’s program promotes client upsells and retention through the combined value of our offering and your security platform.

  And, we leverage that partnership in sourcing new business via co-marketing efforts to prospect business that aligns with our program and your strategy

Client Advantages


1. Competitive Cyber Insurance

By leveraging the MSP’s knowledge and platform with our underwriting process, we are able to offer competitive pricing and terms.

2. Streamlined Sales and Renewal Process

Because we integrate with your MSP, we streamline the application and underwriting process.

3. Improved Security Posture and Incident Readiness

With our Partners’ security solutions and our insurance and risk management services, we put our clients in the best place to maintain their balance sheet and their reputation.

SeedPod Cyber Insurance Solutions

The SeedPod Cyber Insurance Program incorporates comprehensive cyber insurance protection to protect businesses with less than 500M in revenue from:

  • Data Breaches
  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Insider Threats
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Cyber Threat and Media Related Lawsuits
  • Loss of income due to Cyber Related Incidents
  • Expenses required to restore systems and/or data
  • Enhanced Privacy Protections
  • Optional Tech E&O (for MSPs and MSSPs)



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Operates in California as SeedPod Cyber Insurance Services, Lic: 6007314

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