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SeedPod Cyber and PeAk Technowledge Partner to offer Businesses Cyber Insurance Savings


Business can leverage PeAk Technowledge’s security features to qualify for SeedPod Cyber’s Insurance savings of up to 30%.

SeedPod Cyber, the intelligent cyber insurance company for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients, announced today their partnership with PeAk Technowledge, the leading Voiceover IP (VoIP) system in the industry, with advanced voicemail and call center applications.

This partnership leverages the services PeAk Technowledge offers, making for quick and easy cyber insurance applications and a seamless underwriting process. SeedPod Cyber rewards those clients of PeAk Technowledge that have the required cybersecurity controls in place by offering robust cybers insurance with savings of up to 30%.

“We’re thrilled to be a trusted partner of SeedPod Cyber. This partnership not only provides incredible cyber insurance opportunities for our clients but also helps to keep our overall organization secure. We look forward to helping businesses get the cyber security and cyber insurance coverage they need,” said Steve Rubin, President of PeAk Technowledge.

“We’re excited to have PeAk Technowledge join our MSP Partner Program. They are a well established organization that understands the importance of cybersecurity and putting their clients first. Sharing these same values makes for a great synergy,” said Doug Kreizberg, founder and CEO of SeedPod Cyber.

About SeedPod Cyber

SeedPod Cyber is a cyber insurance program that leverages partnerships with MSPs and offers robust cyber insurance to the MSP and their clients to help small and medium sized businesses thrive in today’s digital world. 

About PeAk Technowledge

PeAk Technowledge provides the best VoIP systems in the industry, with advanced voicemail and call center applications. We also offer leading edge technology in computer telephony integrated applications. PeAk Technowledge is also certified to provide a variety of cabling products and systems to fit communication and technology needs for every size and type of business.